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Secured IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Banking & Financial Services

We know that financial data is sensitive data, we know safe disposal and wiping data is a hassle and we know how I.T. equipment clutter as fast as new technologies comes in your business. Like the hassle, we get ride of it and all the data to be unrecoverable.

SME Businesses

Doesn't matter how big or small your enterprise is, self-employ or 1000s of employees, data protection and privacy is still on the table when disposing old or broken I.T. equipment. Send a network equipment to trash and you just gave the IP address you're using, throw away computer or server, it's just giving away your clients and contracts information. Safely dispose of them and make sure no one can access the data of those equipment, that's what we do.


School, school board, adult school, University, public or private. Students, teacher, employees and researches. Getting ride of aging equipment or students broken computer, containing precious research, students information. Data wipe and safely dispose of your equipment.

Energy, Mining & Utilities

Prospecting, evaluating, clients, every data count when you're competing. Making sure no one can get their hands on precious data from aging I.T. disposal or cluttering storage of I.T. room. Data is completely destroy.


That you're a municipality, city, town or village, embassy, library, etc. The data of citizens and inhabitant are private. Discarding of I.T. equipment's data properly is key for their safety of their privacy. We make data disappear.

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